Weald CP School

Where Independence is Happiness

Admissions open for all year groups, including Reception 2024. Please contact the School Office for a personal visit.

Welcome to Weald Community Primary School

“Emotional well-being is a precursor to educational ability”

An emotionally healthy child will be more able to learn, be more sociable, have more satisfying relationships and will do better in school and in life than one who is not.

At Weald, we believe that the quality of the relationship that a teacher develops with each child in their class is of paramount importance. We nurture a spirit of enquiry, independent thought and creativity and seek to develop in children and adults alike the personal qualities of self-awareness and emotional resilience. Effective questioning, speaking, listening, reasoning and reflecting all help to accelerate academic progress and play a key part in the development of responsive and responsible life-long learners.

Visit us and you will quickly come to appreciate the secure, purposeful and caring environment  that children and parents enjoy at Weald.

For a personal guided tour, please call the School Office - 01732 463307

Character Education

‘Character Education is at the heart of all that we do.’

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“There is a soul bird who lives inside us all.
This special bird has the keys to our innermost emotions and feelings. It knows the secret places where we hide away our happiness, anger, joy, jealousy and sorrows. Are you ready to listen to your soul bird?”
Michal Snunit.