Aims and Values

Independence is Happiness

At Weald C. P. S., the values of “respect”, “optimism” and “ambition” are held in high esteem by all members of the school community. Independence and self-confidence are viewed as the key drivers to a happy and productive life and these are nurtured sensitively through Character Education and the caring, positive relationships which underpin everything that we do. Children are encouraged to fulfil their potential through a broad and creative curriculum that meets the needs of all pupils, develops independent and enquiry-based learning skills and offers appropriate challenges so that they might achieve the highest possible standards in all areas of their lives. A key priority of the school’s Positive Behaviour Policy is the nurturing of emotional intelligence. The philosophy is based upon “The Soulbird” by Michal Snunit and the development of “personal responsibility” in creating a culture of consideration for others, courtesy and citizenship. Members of staff are challenged and supported to foster skills, experience, drive and initiative to enhance the all-round development of the children. Teachers and Teaching assistants provide the impetus for accelerated progress and promote independent thinkers and resilient learners through:

  • Excellent relationships with pupils

  • Innovative teaching and learning strategies which produce challenging and memorable lessons
  • Effective and skilled use of questioning which encourage pupils to be resourceful and take initiative for their learning.
  • Marking and feedback which encourages pupils to reflect and evaluate their own progress and learning
  • A wide range of enrichment opportunities including clubs, visitors to school and educational excursions.
  • Cross-curricular topic work based on the school’s Joint Curriculum Project with Kanthenga School, Malawi (funded by the British Council) and its Global Learning Programme (funded by DIFD)

Parents are encouraged to involve themselves in school life (see Guidance for volunteers) and their children’s learning as much as possible. This necessitates working in close partnership with the teaching staff to support children’s progress. Collaboration between home and school is promoted through a welcoming atmosphere, open channels of communication and parental trust in the professional judgement of the school staff.

Governors are developed through training and regular contact with the school so that they can share our values and take part in and support school life. They acquire an understanding of the school’s strengths and areas for development and work alongside the Leadership team in the school’s processes of self-evaluation and school improvement.

The Headteachers Letter can be found here