A curriculum that Inspires

At Weald Community Primary School, we are highly committed to our broad and creative curriculum which, we believe,  exceeds the expectations of the National Primary Curriculum, 2014 and provides solid foundations for ‘life-long learning’. It is underpinned by Character Education and driven by the values of ‘Optimism’, ‘Ambition’ and ‘Respect’. The medium term plans (detailed under ‘EYFS’ and ‘KS1/KS2’) and Subject Policies & Action Plans place an emphasis on a cross-curricular and enquiry-based approach so that children learn more holistically and become more accountable for their own progress and attainment.

Please see the Curriculum Statement & Coverage 2023

Through the various programmes of study, children’s resilience is built through an increasing recognition that ‘making mistakes’ is an important part of the learning process. Their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is nurtured throughout the curriculum; of particular importance in this regard is the influence of Global Learning themes and the Joint Curriculum Project which is shared, on an equitable basis, with our sister school, Kanthenga, in Malawi. These key curricular threads help to develop within our children a wide range of global values, knowledge and skills. Global Values: Self-esteem; Respect; Care; Social Justice; Agency; Diversity; Empathy; Fairness. Global Knowledge: Inequality; Essential services; Power; People; Money; Global Partnerships; Globalisation; Conflict; Environment; Poverty & Development. Global Skills: Critical Thinking; Planning; Reflection & Evaluation; Communication; Enquiry & Debate; Co-operation & Teamwork; Challenging Perceptions; Using Multiple Perspectives. Furthermore, Outdoor learning, through the ‘learning spaces’ in the school grounds and local environment, is fundamental to the engagement and enjoyment of pupils of all ages and abilities.

The content of the curriculum followed in each academic year for every subject can found on the designated pages for EYFS, KS1 & KS2. The Long Term Overview provides the structure of learning and teaching for the entire academic year whilst the Medium Term Plans (issued six times per year) are more detailed outlines of curriculum content.

In terms of phonics, reading and writing provision, Read, write, Inc is used throughout the school supported by the Read, Write, Inc Spelling Scheme and book bag scheme. This is enriched by the Scholastic reading scheme to allow a wider genre of reading material to be read at home.

Parental support of reading is critical to a child’s academic development. The following comprehension questions can be used to evaluate understanding of books read with parents at home: Questions for reading