Hospice in the Weald

On Tuesday 28th January, the Year 6 children went on a trip to Hospice in the Weald. After an introductory discussion during which they explored the various services offered by the Hospice and possible fundraising initiatives to assist with the £7 million per year running costs, the children were taken on a guided tour of…

Taia’s Tree

Following her presentation in assembly about the climate crisis and the conservation of tropical forests, Taia Newman (year 4) staged a highly successful cookie sale. She used part of the proceeds to buy a tree which, with the help of her dad and classmates, she planted on the school field. Well done Taia – you…

NSPCC Assembly

We are working closely with the NSPCC to ensure that all children are happy, safe and prepared to speak out if they have worries. Through assemblies, workshops and fundraising events, the children are learning how to develop resilience when faced with challenges in life.

New website launch

I am delighted to introduce you to our new website which has been the result of much collaborative work between the school and Carbon Cloud (our IT providers). I hope you will enjoy navigating the site and find it to be both enjoyable and informative.